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Amana Ranch is a small grass-based multi-speciated family farm located 15 short miles west of Portland, Oregon in the heart of Washington County. We strive to raise stress-free and chemical-free livestock using biodynamic farming and holistic management practices.

Land Stewardship

We consider ourselves to be first and foremost land stewards on a mission to heal a land that has stood fallow for nearly a decade. To learn more about what we are doing to revive this farm land using permaculture principles, check out Our Story or visit our Facebook page.

Principled Farming

We believe in a food system that is based on trust and fairness to all. Our animals are never denied their basic right to a nutritious diet, fresh water, sunshine, and more importantly, the freedom to express their animalness . Learn more about our practices here.

Farm Fresh Eggs

When it comes to taste and nutritional value, nothing beats a truly farm fresh egg laid by one of our happy hens. Reserve your share today.

Chicken CSA

Available seasonally from late May through October each year. We offer two varieties of the most nutrient-dense and best-tasting chicken you can find.

Grass-Fed Lamb

If you haven't tried grass-fed lamb chops or steaks before, you have no idea what you're missing. Order a whole lamb and start exploring today.

Amana Ranch on Facebook

Like us on Facebook to stay in the know and get first dibs on limited release products such as our chicken CSA and other specialty items.